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Smart metering for energy efficiency and environment protection

Responsible decisions on environmental protection and energy efficiency can only be made on the basis of real-time, reliable and accurate measurement data.

We provide this data.


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CardWare CTO talks cost-efficient smart metering solutions at the IIR conference in Budapest

BUDAPEST, of November 2021

CardWare at the THT confrence
New Product

Online Utility Cost Display Unit

Accurate knowledge of the utility expenses at any moment during the billing period is essential to make resposible consumption decisions. 

For those customers of ours who have no internet connectivity or it is not convenient for them for any reason to track their utility costs on our web portal we have developed a simple online display unit for real time tracking of the costs. The unit is battery powered, uses e-paper technology to minimize the battery consumption and is updated 1 - 4 times per day.

The device features a temperature sensor for monitoring the room temperature. This data can be used for an intelligent room temperature control.

CardWare at the THT confrence
News, events

Our Latest Smart Metering Designs at the THT Conference

BUDAPEST, 23.rd of September 2021

Products and Services

Wireless sensor networks with ultra low power electronics based smart metering systems
heat cost allocator

Products and services

Heat-cost allocators

4th generation heat-cost allocator system with online data communication.

  • EN834

  • Two way data communication 

  • Daily consumption data

  • Continuous remote monitoring of each allocator unit

  • Replaceable battery

  • Long battery life

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Elevator emergency intercom

Products and services

Development of custom online SCADA 

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