What Makes a Heat Cost Allocator System SMART?

The basic feature of all HCA systems

A heat-cost allocation system should provide precise and reliable data for individual billing on monthly basis (ANNEX to the Comission Recommendation on the implementation of the new metering and billing provisions of the Energy Efficiency Directive 201/27/EU (25.9.2019)).

In addition, a SMART HCA system

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    Informs the apartment owner about her individual consumption on a daily basis

    The primary task of a heat-cost allocation system is to motivate consumers to cut and optimize energy use. To make relevant decisions about energy usage, apartment owners need to be properly informed. CardWare offers a password protected web access to every consumer about her individual consumption in graphical and tabular presentation of data for each radiator on a daily basis.

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    Provides a real-time remote monitoring of all elements of the system

    A heat-cost allocation system will provide precise and reliable data only if all the units installed in one building are functioning error-free. CardWare's heat-cost allocation system includes online remote monitoring of all of its nodes and provides detecting malfunctions or sabotage attempts with alarms and notifications.

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