Smart Metering of Water Meters with CardWare's M2M Architecture

In apartment houses where the number of water meters is relatively high, the architecture with the data gateway and repeaters if needed is the best choice

Water meter with a radio unit

Magnetic switch or optical pulse generation

  • Compact design

  • Two-way radio communication, ISM band

  • Power supply: Replaceable primary battery

  • Battery lifetime: 250.000 radio transmissions

Starting from 25 EUR

Data gateway

Provides the interconnection between the water meters and the remote data server.

  • Two-way communication with the water meters (ISM)

  • Two-way communication with remote data server (GSM)

  • Mains powered with a UPS battery included

250 EUR

Data repeater

In case the quality of the radio propagation indoors is not good enough, a data repeater is introduced. The repeater forwards the data received, extending the range of the radio communication. The unit is mains powered with a UPS battery included. The repeaters can be programmed with a routing algorhitm.

125 EUR

Smart Metering of Water Meters with CardWare's NB-IoT Platform

The best choice in areas where the density of water meters is low is to use the NB-IoT plarform

Water meter with passive pulse output

Any primary or secondary water meter with pulse output.

Starting from 13 EUR

CardWare NB-IoT unit

A mobil telefonhálózat NB-IoT csaornáját használja az adatátvitelhez.

  • Adjustable communication interval.

  • Battery lifetime 8+ years

  • IP68 protection

85 EUR

Software Features of Water Meter Smart Metering

The web based application has three user levels:
  • End user, who can access his own water consumption data

  • Administrator, who manages the metering data, prepares the data for billing

  • System administrator, who takes care about the technical supervision of the system

Smart metering of water meters

Online data

Online daily and monthly consumption data of hot and cold water.

Smart metering of water meters

Data analysis and reports

  • Leak monitoring

  • Pipe fracture monitoring

  • Monitoring the difference between volumes measured on the main and secondary meters

  • Determining unrealistic consumption

  • Sabotage monitoring

Smart metering of water meters

System monitoring

  • Data loss

  • Online battery voltage monitoring

  • Error handling

  • Notifications (SMS, email, voice call)

  • Alarms (SMS, email, voice call)

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