CardWare's Online Heat Cost Allocator System Hardware Components

The online heat-cost allocator system consists of a 4th generation unit that combines a two-sensor-mode measurement with an automatic two-way communication system and a data gateway to the server, eventually a repeater if needed.

Heat-cost allocator

  • 2 sensor digital unit

  • EN 834

  • Two-way radio communication with the data gateway

  • Replaceable primary battery

  • Battery life about 150.000 radio messages


Data gateway

Provides the interconnection between the allocators and the remote data server.

  • Two-way communication with the allocator

  • Two-way communication with remote data server

  • Mains powered with a UPS battery included

250 EUR

Data repeater

In case the quality of the radio propagation indoors is not good enough, a data repeater can be introduced. The repeater forwards the data received, extending the range of the communication. The unit is mains powered with a UPS battery included. The repeaters can be programmed with a routing algorhitm.

125 EUR

Online Heat Cost Allocator Software Features

The web based application has three user levels:
  • End user, who can access his own heating data

  • Administrator, who makes the cost calculations and manages the service

  • System administrator, who takes care about the technical supervision

Web based application software

Calculation of heating costs

With just a few keystrokes the administrator can download the list of costs for each apartment owner in XLS or CSV formats.

Web based application software

Visualization of heating parameters

Online graphical presentation of different parameters of the heating in the building. Temperature levels for each radiator, consumption data for each room as well as for the apartment. Comparative consumption data to the outdoor temperature. Monitoring of temperature levels of the main vertical pipes as well as the temperature drops on the verticals.

Web based application software

Remote monitoring of relevant technical parameters

Several important technical parameters like number of successful radio transmissions, signal strength level or the battery status (the picture above) is continuosly monitored. In case of malfunctions or sabotage attempts, alarms are generated (SMS, email, or an automatic phone call).

Heat Cost Allocation System Add-ons

  • Monitoring outdoor temperatures

    In order to make precise analysis of the heating efficiency of a building, it is essential to know the outer temperature with high precision and accuracy.

  • Displaying utility costs on daily basis

    Knowing the current state of utility costs is extremely important for making decisions on energy saving. For our users who do not have internet access, we have developped this small, battery powered device.

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